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Message Subject Why is GLP, as a whole, majorly afraid of vegans????
Poster Handle Q33
Post Content
Eat whatever the fuck you want, Parasite Boy.

The only vegans who get crap are the ones who get all "holier than thou" and start teeing off on people who choose to dine differently.

Eat what you want, fuck who you want, drink what you want, just don't act like anyone who doesn't agree with you has something wrong with them.

It's called mutual respect, get some.
 Quoting: Larry D. Croc

But speaking out about the evil of eating animals is exactly why we are vegan.....

... because we care about the lives of animals.

So naturally we are going to be vocal about it, given our care of the lives of animals...!
 Quoting: Reilly 72899496

Allow me to translate for you, Parasite Boy: "I'm from England, I'm here in the US getting free health care, welfare, and food stamps. I can barely afford to eat anything so I'll rationalize my inability to buy meat (which I'm too fucking stupid to cook in any case) and call myself a Vegan while using Wi-fi that I steal so I can shit post a site that thinks I'm something they'd scrape off their shoe in real life."

You're welcome.
 Quoting: Larry D. Croc

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