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Message Subject Why is GLP, as a whole, majorly afraid of vegans????
Poster Handle Ra
Post Content
Eat whatever the fuck you want, Parasite Boy.

The only vegans who get crap are the ones who get all "holier than thou" and start teeing off on people who choose to dine differently.

Eat what you want, fuck who you want, drink what you want, just don't act like anyone who doesn't agree with you has something wrong with them.

It's called mutual respect, get some.
 Quoting: Larry D. Croc

Arguing for the ethical treatment is violating your respect....?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 74493934

Just for the hell of it let's say we all stop eating animals, any animals, tomorrow.

And since you've used the phrase "ethical treatment" would I be wrong adding a P at the front and an A at the back?

In any event, tell us exactly how doing that, stopping the consumption of all meat, is going to NOT result in tremendous suffering among the animals you'd like to stand proxy for.

I'd like you to look at the example of the Kaibob plateau before you respond so that you keep the ecology of nature in your presentation.
 Quoting: Larry D. Croc

Another tired arguement that has zero probability. Even if veganism (doubtfully) rose by 5% every year, humanity could adjust and farmers could plan for the changes in the market trend.

Why make unrealistic arguments?
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