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Message Subject Why is GLP, as a whole, majorly afraid of vegans????
Poster Handle Ra
Post Content
Everyday ethical vegans kill animals, insects and microorganisms, everyday! Vegan's drive cars and hit little cute squirrels, they run over snakes, and lizards, and toads, and squash living creatures of all kinds with their cars, motorcycles, and even their bikes, oh my! Are vegan purists willing to grow their own food totally without modern equipment? No, I think not!
When their veggies are grown tractors chop up adorable baby animals including rabbits for Pete's sake!
Get real people, you've been duped, brainwashed, and idiotized!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 73781177

Idiotized? You just used the killing of microorganisms as an arguement to why vegans are hypocrites.

That's idiotized! We need microorganisms to live snd they don't suffer in any sort of way like a pig or cow does.

Accidental killings? That's stupid too. Veganism is a diet that is chosen to not inflict suffering for sustenance.

Nowhere do vegans claim that they must live like amish monks and avoid all accidental killings of living creatures.

Do you work on a farm? Most animals know to get out of ths way when a tractor comes. Yes, some do die but that is unavoidable aspect of modern life.

Again.. another completely unrealistic arguement against vegans.
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