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Message Subject Why is GLP, as a whole, majorly afraid of vegans????
Poster Handle MountainTux NLI
Post Content

Let's follow your logic
Chimps eat meat so humans must eat meat.
Gorillas are 100% vegetarian
 Quoting: Ege Bamyasi

Are you fucking stupid or something?

I was using that as an analogy you self rightous fuckwit.

And THIS is why...no one likes vegans.

Pack of braindead unhealthy holier than thou utterly self absorbed arrogant cunts.

Worse than rapture tards.

Btw...ive NEVER EVER met a HEALTHY vegan.

They are all aneimic and shrivelles and their brains are fucked...they cant think or reason.

And they HATE everyone who is not totally vegan.

So dont be surprise you blithering arrogant CUNT...when some of that HATE comes back at you.

Fucken idiot.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 75493481

There are vegan bodybuilders, athletes, professors, acedimics ect..

Nobody im close to in real life is vegan and i don't hate them.

The "holy than thou" is per individual and anyone of any set of of morals or beliefs can fall inti that catagory. It's called small mindedness.

You may know it, just look in the mirror :).
 Quoting: Ra 74493934

Spoken like a true cult member.

Probably a pedo too as most cults are.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 75493481

See, that shit right there is just ignorant and uncalled for. Agree or disagree, fine, but randomly accusing people of illegal sexual deviance is the sign of a small-to-nonexistent mind.


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