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Message Subject Why is GLP, as a whole, majorly afraid of vegans????
Poster Handle Ege Bamyasi
Post Content

It feels like GLP boils down to 40% idiots and 40% trolls. Then the remaining 20% trying to have a conversation or getting sucked up into conversating with a troll or idiot.
 Quoting: Ra 74493934

See, THERE we can agree. I'm happy to discuss... or even argue in a friendly manner... but random name calling and ignorance is NEVER right. I prefer my diet to yours... but I'm not going to call you a child rapist.

Some people need a swift comeuppance - the internet often makes brave fools out of cowardly children.

My day is done... good night and peace!

 Quoting: MountainTux NLI

Yeah we can argue in a friendly manner, but its a bit disingenuous when you ignore people who have owned yow ass about the rain forest an all the tofu burgers causining all the deforestation. Maybe you thought I had fallen asleep
 Quoting: Ege Bamyasi

A) I didn't ignore anything, I made it clear I was leaving at that point.

Bl Not my problem that you don't understand math or statistics, but let's be very clear... You didn't own shit. Not even your OWN shit.

C) I didn't waste a single thought on you.

You want a fight, but you aren't worth the effort. Even bothering to reply to your tripe was meant as a respectful nod. Take it as such, let GO of the asshurt, and with great sincerity, have an awesome weekend! hf

 Quoting: MountainTux NLI

ok math and stastistic. Please try and keep up.
you said that the rain forest was being burnt down to grow soya to make tofu burgers. Therefore vegans are environmentaly unsound.
I pointed out that soya is grown to feed cattle to make burgers to feed cunts like you.
You have lost the argument.
What part of spastic do you not understand.
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