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Message Subject Why is GLP, as a whole, majorly afraid of vegans????
Poster Handle Reilly
Post Content

Do you not care about animals?!

Is you eating animals more important to you than the lives of the animals you eat?
 Quoting: Reilly 77413124

Every human, plant, and animal dies. That is the cycle of life and we are not gods who can change that.

The animals I eat live good healthy lives so I know that the meat I am eating is not diseased.

It then dies, as we are all fated to and none of us can escape, and I eat it so that I - and my brain function - may continue to thrive, just as the animal did during its life.

Are you feeling okay? No one has ever really sat down and explained life or nature to you in an honest way, have they?
 Quoting: TlvmmCpoft

"It then dies..."

You mean.... "Then someone slaughters it, to sell it..."

It didn't HAVE to die.

It ONLY DIED..... because people like YOU want to EAT IT.

It did NOT live a healthy and full life.

: l

The SHIT you meat eaters MAKE UP to justify the MURDER of animals so you can eat them.

And you mentioned that you eat animals so your "brain function" can continue to "thrive"....

1. You do NOT need meat to have healthy brain function. I'm not sure where you get that.... Your body recycles vitamin B12. Usually, you don't even need to consume it because of that.... and if you're talking about fat ofr brain function.... your body produces fat on it's own. You don't need that iether.

2. What about the animal's that you eat brain function? ... AFTER THEY ARE SLAUGHTERED.... THEY HAVE NO BRAIN FUNCTION. WHAT ABOUT THEIR BRAIN FUNCTION?????????????
 Quoting: Reilly 77413124

Every animal dies. Whether it dies alone in the cold, by the claws of a predator, of disease, of age, or by us. Every animals dies.

None of them are immortal.

 Quoting: TlvmmCpoft

They deserve a good and FULL life, just like you and I do.
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