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Message Subject Why is GLP, as a whole, majorly afraid of vegans????
Poster Handle Reilly
Post Content

Look, hun. :) <3

The world will not end if you answer the following question with a "Yes" or "No"... :) <3

The world will not end. <3

I promise <3

This question - Would you be fine living the life of a livestock animal?
 Quoting: Reilly 77413124

I answered. What is your first language? Maybe I can translate it.

The answer, in plain English for now, is below.

The animals on my farm had a roof over their heads, food, someone to care for them, a lock on their door to keep predators out, and a life much longer than they would have had in the wild.

Not only would I want those things for myself, I work to keep them every day.
 Quoting: TlvmmCpoft

Could you translate your answer into either, "Yes or "No" please?
 Quoting: Reilly 77413124

Anyone with an IQ over 80 and a basic grasp of the English language can read those two sentences and comprehend their basic meaning.

Have you become learning disabled since switching to rice only?
 Quoting: TlvmmCpoft

I do not only eat rice <3
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