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23rd March 2020. UPDATE: "problems" are intensifying in this new quarantine situation. Please feel free to ask for help here.

Dear Readers: the number of problems on this planet presently breaks all bounds of imagination, and it is easy to become overwhelmed, resulting in debilitating paralysis and resignation. This stance will not, however, contribute to improvement.

Yet everyone, however deep and twisted the problem which besets them personally, can choose another way of regarding it, and another way of reacting. Everyone can work on personal difficulties and conflicts, and in fact if everyone did, there would be no global problems as a result. Thus we are encouraged to work on ourselves in our own individual capacities.

What I would like to offer on this thread is the QUALITY which, if you increase it and practice it daily, will help to relieve your particular problem. It is not necessary to provide details of the problem concerned. For example you could simply say I AM HAVING PROBLEMS AT WORK AT THE MOMENT. Then, choose a number between 1 and 100.

I will then provide you - here on this thread - with a QUALITY to solve the problem, and with questions you can ask yourself. Of course I welcome feedback, but it is not necessary.

Welcome to all who feel the urge to participate here. It is also possible to ask for a friend. This thread has a DIAMOND icon, because we are all DIAMONDS POLISHING OURSELVES.
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