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Thank you for your number, AC. The quality you have chosen intuitively is DIRECTNESS. If you are increasingly DIRECT, it will help you in your situation. And here are some questions which may provoke some further understanding:


What do you still do - or what sort of behaviour do you still demonstrate - to please your parents? (whether they are alive or not)
How many of your decisions are determined by the feelings of others?
Have you allowed yourself to be abused?
Which repressed feelings lie behind your smile? Are you over-polite?
Could your methods of communication be more direct?
How much of your time is “swallowed” by other people? What would you like to ‘cut short’?
What if you invested time in yourself instead of listening, waiting or deliberating?
What if everyone worldwide showed their feelings immediately, communicated authentically and lived their dreams at all times?

Hello dear AC 77856527. You have my great sympathy in this as I (and others I am close to) are in a similar position. The search for truth is a painful and lonely one - the road less travelled.

Yet even on this road, you will meet others with similar aspirations and values.

But the painful thing is of course, HOW TO DEAL WITH THE OTHERS? Instead of going forth with missionary zeal I have learnt to hold back, to ask questions rather than to lecture, to accept rather than reject.

This feels like being untruthful in one way, but in another way, it is taking on the stance of an observer who is ready to jump in IF NEED BE. And I can assure you that the need will, one day soon, be very strong. Your unsuspecting (former) friends will then be the ones who need your kindness and sympathy and INFORMATION.

Please take a couple of minutes to close you eyes and see if a number between 1 and 100 occurs spontaneously and intuitively to you. This is how we can find out which quality it would be good to pursue in this situation.


I have a problem. I think differently from most other people and don't go along with mainstream thinking. This has caused me much suffering in the form of losing friends/work ECT. It never used to bother me but lately I've been feeling quite sad about my situation. Can you help me please?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77856527

 Quoting: Colour Crusader

I beg your pardon OP I forgot to add the number!

I did what you said I closed my eyes, walked to the top of a hill and at the summit was the number 87.

Thank you for your kind words.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 73524472

 Quoting: Colour Crusader

Your intuition and the questions are spot on OP, very impressive. I'm going to work through them and use them as wisely as I can. Thanks once again.
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