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Very interesting and far-reaching post, VIKINI. Thank you. There are indeed so many regions on earth which have been bloodsoaked - it is difficult to think of anywhere which is "untouched" in this way. And it would not remain untouched anyway because negativity reverberates around the globe - it is not possible to "escape" it in this sense.

The earth is carrying this collective burden. It burdens people everywhere and it burdens her. Thus she is spinning at a tilt (People also walk in a hunched manner if burdened. Earth is the same).

Earth's solution would actually be, as you inferred, to make all regions uninhabited so that they can recover. This would take thousands of years. There is another option in the pipeline. Interesting what you say about spiritual peacemakers coming to keep watch. They are already doing this and will reveal themselves with time.

Regarding poverty, which you mention: the solution to that is letting the money system go. We are a spiritually retarded planet. If more spiritually developed, we would all automatically want to contribute daily to society, and we would only take what we really need. There would be no need, on this basis, for money.

Regarding frustration and helplessness, these arise from an act of forgetfulness. That which has been forgotten is that we are a part of the DIVINE and that our thoughts and actions CREATE OUR FUTURE. This, if understood, is extremely empowering. Those who are presently "in charge" do not wish this realization to spread, however.

Thank you again for your comments. It is good to see others who are very concerned about the present situation and who are thinking about solutions.hf

Problems of the person are products of his/her environment both in micro and macro scale. Both in physical, collective mental and spiritual planes.

For example South America. Region where ritual slaughters and tribal wars of natives were followed by conquistadors and inquisition slaughters, then by local wars and in modern world by cartels and overall violence on massive scale. The reason is non-stop bloodshed lasting for hundreds of years.

The solution of those on macro scale is to make a whole corrupted region uninhabited for at least 100 years with replaceable overwatch of handful of spiritual peacekeepers aka "monks" with overwhelming positive polarity.

Personal solution on micro scale is to leave the region which is soaked in blood and suffering for decades and move to region that experienced no major bloodshed in at least 300 years. There is plenty of such places not very populated but some of these are even more civilized than Europe for example.

Past and current bloodshed and loss of lifes resulted in given region situation are major factors into personal lives of its inhabitants. But there are also another causes like overall negative mentality, poverty, frustration, helplessness of the people. Given the region which in past experienced bloody warfare such collective mentality is both an effect of past and cause of future bloody conflict in the region.

Phenomenon named is polish urban language as "carousel of deepshit". "karuzela spierdolenia"
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