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Poster Handle Colour Crusader
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Thank you for your question dear AC (Where does this idea of "quality" come from?) The idea is that the unpleasant attributes of this world as we presently experience it are not to be solved on a physical level - for example bringing in new rules and regulations - because those are just attempts to deal with the SYMPTOMS of a problem.

In order to eradicate a problem, one must go right to the very roots of the problem. On investigation, this will always ultimately be OUR COLLECTIVE DEFECTIVE BEHAVIOUR. So the answer is - to put it in a "nutshell" - for each of us to change our behaviour.

Often we see ourselves as victims, as being AFFECTED by adverse circumstances, yet if we investigate in a very deep and honest way, we will discover IN OURSELVES the defective characteristic which leads to our problem.

In other words, everything we see is our MIRROR. If we see someone as being non-communicative, then we are invited to see HOW WE OURSELVES ARE BEING UNCOMMUNICATIVE. There are of course other factors - karmic for example - which affect our particular choices, incarnating at a certain place at a certain time and in a particular set of circumstances, but the purpose will always be for OUR LEARNING PROCESS.

Concerning behaviour; we get what we receive (Cosmic law of CAUSE AND EFFECT), and so if we develop good QUALITIES, our lives are bound (by this law) to improve. This is where we can all start in order to improve our personal and collective future.


The world will become peaceful, beautiful and abundant

These three qualities, if consistently manifested by all, would change the face of the planet in an instant, especially if we introduce honesty and trust in the Divine to the list. It is not possible to go into conflict with someone we show respect for. War cannot be conducted between those who show each other mutual courtesy, and where all is openly and honestly discussed. And gratitude which is sent out to everyone and everything means – through the working of the laws of balance – that much will assail us for which we can be grateful.

These qualities are our salvation. Our attitudes will form – by their very nature – a similar response. And so we decide – through our behaviour – which response and what sort of society we prefer – peaceful conviviality or painful strife.

Hello dear AC 77996452, and thank you for your reply. The quality you have chosen (64) which will "break the bubble" is EXPERIENCING BLISS!!! Here are some questions pointing you in a new direction ....

Are you ignoring what your body wants to say to you?
How can you live your sexuality to the full?
Which mountain must you climb to gain a new perspective?
Is there anything lacking in your life?
What fear is actually showing you the way to go?
Are you aware that there will always be a new horizon, and a new star to reach for?
What if everyone in the world decided to live their lives in awareness of abundance and experiencing bliss on daily basis?

Dear Readers: the number of problems on this planet presently breaks all bounds of imagination, and it is easy to become overwhelmed, resulting in debilitating paralysis and resignation. This stance will not, however, contribute to improvement.

Yet everyone, however deep and twisted the problem which besets them personally, can choose another way of regarding it, and another way of reacting. Everyone can work on personal difficulties and conflicts, and in fact if everyone did, there would be no global problems as a result. Thus we are encouraged to work on ourselves in our own individual capacities.

What I would like to offer on this thread is the QUALITY which, if you increase it and practice it daily, will help to relieve your particular problem. It is not necessary to provide details of the problem concerned. For example you could simply say I AM HAVING PROBLEMS AT WORK AT THE MOMENT. Then, choose a number between 1 and 100.

I will then provide you - here on this thread - with a QUALITY to solve the problem, and with questions you can ask yourself. Of course I welcome feedback, but it is not necessary.

Welcome to all who feel the urge to participate here. This thread has a DIAMOND icon, because we are all DIAMONDS POLISHING OURSELVES.
 Quoting: Colour Crusader

Hi, thank you for your kind offer.

I have problems with understanding people and with them understanding me. Feels like I live in a bubble while everyone else seem to have it all figured out.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77996452

 Quoting: Colour Crusader

Thanks, I especially like the question about which mountain I must climb to gain a new perspective. At times it feels like I forget that I only need to climb the mountain, not carry it.

May I ask where this idea of 'QUALITY' comes from?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77996452
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