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Poster Handle Colour Crusader
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It is my greatest pleasure to be able to help. Thank you for giving me the opportunity. I would say that the "amazing" part of it is not me, but the way that help can be accessed, actually by anyone, if we make connection with our "inner advisor". Some people call this "intuition". Some people call this "god". It does not matter what name we give to it. It is up to us to form a relationship with it and to heed its advice. It was YOU who chose the number, and therefore it was YOU who instigated the reply. Thank you again.

Thank you CC - the words that you've used to address my situation have a very special meaning to me and I suspect that you already know this. You're pretty amazing actually.

Thank you for giving me a reason to hope again. I really needed this. Thank you.

Hello AC. The two people in a relationship are each responsible for 50% of any issue/problem. That being said, with the number 32 you have chosen the quality of ALERTNESS, which you are invited to increase, perhaps with the help of these questions:

In what way do you feel you are surrounded by things which are ‘foreign’, ‘different’, ‘incomprehensible’ or ‘wrong’? Could this be nothing more than your viewpoint?
Given that we are all one, who would be a foreigner?
How deeply do you believe that we are all wholly responsible for what we choose to look at and how we choose to look at it? What is so obvious that it is being overlooked?
How aware are you of your surroundings?
How actively do you participate in life around you?
Are you aware that you control your own future?
Given that we are all gods and goddesses with divine power, what vision will you turn into reality?
What if everyone worldwide paid close attention to their dreams understood their message?

it's about her and it's about me
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