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Hello AC 72411634: it seems that you may have talents in several different directions.

What occurs to me is my own experience - I have done several different things, not all at the same time but one after another. I used to envy those who immediately knew exactly what they want to do, and became experts in that field.

However, with hindsight, I would say that EVERY PATH I TOOK was extremely important, and that they all "miraculously" tie in with what I do now. I put "miraculously" in parentheses because this is not a miracle, although it seems to be. It is actually the GUIDANCE OF DIVINE HAND towards an end result.

What also comes to mind is that there are many ways of healing using art / performance / dance / music .... can all be incorporated into holisitc treatment.

You chose the number 33. This means that you have chosen BEING AWARE OF YOUR DIVINITY (which also connects up to what I just described above). You are invited to contemplate the following questions. Hopefully they will help you realise your DIVINITY, and which path you are being asked to take, and hopefully they may cause a change in behaviour which leads to better health. There is always a connection between a less than perfect behvioural pattern, and less than perfect health symptoms. Going within, in silent meditation and ASKING for an answer will also help.

Do you value the gentle innocence, enthusiam and unconditional love demonstrated by small children?
How could you become more like them?
What if it were impossible for your life to be meaningless?
How can you assist others to develop their potential?
Can you accept that you are a certain ‘stage’ in everyone else's life (and that they are a stage in yours) for a specific purpose?
Are you aware that you are an angel and that your appearance on this earth, as well as your death, occurs at the perfect moment and has a particular meaning for all concerned?
Are you aware that we are all angels in this respect?
What if death is not death but the beginning of a new life and purpose which you can decide?
Can you contemplate the possibility that before you entered this life, you agreed to endure certain sufferings on this earth so that you and your fellow beings could experience something which is of crucial importance to you all?
What if everyone worldwide were aware of their own divinity and purpose?

Hello people, I can't decide on a career, I just like sooo many things. I'd like it to be sth to do with healing/medicine if possible or sth artistic/creative. My second question is about my health - why it got better back in 2013/2014 but worse again since late 2014

^helping a friend here. I chose number 33
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