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WELCOME to the thread, FLUFFY PANCAKES! The qualities you are invited to increase are INTUITION and DECISIVENESS. These qualities may sound at odds, yet they are not if seen in the right order. The first step is "going within"/briefly go into a meditative state and ask your question and see what answer comes to you INTUITIVELY, without "over-thinking" anything. The second step is to BE DECISIVE according to the intuitive information you have received.

Regarding your jaw: tension in this area results from biting one's teeth, or holding it (for too long) in one position. This can be a grimace or a smile which continues although the situation may not be one you are really smiling about. i.e., it may be putting on a sort of mask to keep things unter control or make others happy, but such sustained effort might not be right for you.

Here are some further questions which might help you on your way. Thank you again for participating.

In what sense are you a workaholic?
What if you lost control? What if you made no plans? What if you released all expectations?
To what extent are you able to listen to the suggestions of others?
Supposing you released fixed ideas and compromised more?
Supposing that instead of getting hung up on your goal, you concentrate on the process?
Would you like to be free to take a different path?
How resistant are you to change?
Supposing you can find all the answers by going within?
What unpleasant circumstance are you ignoring and what is your part in it?
Are you in a vicious circle?
What if you focussed on long-term fulfilment instead of short-term fixes?
What would change if you were more decisive?
How much do you respect yourself?
If you fully understood that you are capable of great things, what would you do next?

This is interesting. Never heard of this before.

I am having issues with my jaw. 63 comes to mind. Also 57. Very difficult to get because when I close my eyes, I see all the numbers kind of swirling around. Lol.
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