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Hello AC72121759 and thank you for participating. You have made an interesting intuitive choice: the quality you have chosen is AWARENESS OF CYCLES. In connection with public speaking, I can imagine that you are extremely focussed on the moment, on saying "exactly the right thing" in the right way to this particular group of people in a particular place. This may give rise to worry.

If you step back, however, and know in your heart that this is a necessary but small step on an eternal journey, and that any "mistakes" can also be ways of opening up new and exciting perspectives, then this worry might turn into confidence that everything happens for a reason, and at the right time. This, the feeling of doing something "wrong" will not arise.

You have already proved the power of your intuition by choosing AWARENESS OF CYCLES. I used to be like yourself - I used to be shy and worried about speaking public. Now it is not a problem at all, because there is a small intuitive voice within which is actually guiding my worlds, just as it is now guiding what to type here.

Here are some questions you might consider as further exploration. Some of them centre on personal relationships. If personal relationships are not in order, this will also affect public performance in front of others. The last two refer to "eternal cycles", meaning that this is not our only life, and that we are on a continuous learning journey

Which grief have you not yet expressed?
How does your preoccupation with one person block your relationship to others and to yourself?
How often is your mind or head so full that you ignore your body?
Do you respond automatically to or against offers of help?
How would your behaviour change if everyone was your family?
Are you aware of the multitude of dimensions through which you eternally travel?
What if everyone could view their lives and the lives of others within the context of eternal cycles?

Hi Op. I have a problem with speaking in front of groups of people, which I'd like to overcome, can you help? The number I've chosen is 74.
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