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Poster Handle Colour Crusader
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To anyone reading here, this is of vital importance: LOOK AT HOW THIS POSTER, TREE OF LIFE, IS TREATING PLANTS: LOOK AT HOW HE/SHE IS HONOURING THE ABUNDANCE THAT NATURE PROVIDES: LOOK AT THE SENSITIVITY WITH WHICH THEY APPROACH EVERYTHING AROUND THEM. This is something to emulate and develop. This is the way to creating a peaceful world in which all honor all.

Thank you so much again, TREE OF LIFE, for sharing a part of your life here.


Quoting the poster TREE OF LIFE

My heart leap to read your reply, OP. Thank you.

I will gain strength, yes, and keep the gate locked for now.
I have found a haven in people who understand about the Godliness of food.
Some are even beginning to realize that a food plant raised with love, and the purpose of directly nourishing the recipient of It's very own flesh, is something indeed different from a standard-method raised food plant.

A fresh carrot from my pure and tenderly cared for soil, is raised to offer it's body to you Humans, and lives for that alone!

There is no death for that plant, then, when eaten fresh on the spot without killing or cooking!

This will be a safe way to expand my circle of love, when I can find those worthy and honored recipients.

And therein lies the answer to my farm's longevity concerns, as they will BE the support community (even if outside the iron gate) that will sustain us here on the farm... the community will come!

And... 360* we have come with an answer!

Here! Look, at our work OP! We have made an example of LOVE in motion with our exchange!

Please continue to honor each one inquiring here, with the sharing of your Christ Consciousness!!

May God's Light shine upon you!


PS. Technology is a pale reflection of everything we already have... all God has given us from the start is already there and much more powerful and efficient!! I only use the bare minimum, to help keep my Space Of Love intact, as Nature is the source, really, of ALL LOVE!
Oh, and the dark elements, yes, on the way out.
Never were really there till we made thought forms for them!
Have a blessed Christmas!
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