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THANK YOU dear AC for your lovely response and for caring about your friend. What I am inspired to say is that antidepressants may suppress symptoms, but will not suppress the cause of the symptoms. There will be some past experiences, and the way she chose to deal with them (or not deal with them) can result in this strong anger. Feelings were not expressed at the time of their origin. The lid is now blowing off, so to speak, due to long suppression.

Depression can be equated with sadness, perhaps, and the fact that she is angry is a sign that she is actually letting her emotions come to the surface, which is good if done in a "safe" or therapeutic environment. Many scenes from self-awareness seminars come to mind where "angry" participants were asked to vent their anger by hitting mattresses - a good way to release it. The "sad" stage precedes the "angry" stage, so actually, she is progressing, I would say.

She has chosen 42, which is the quality of RECOGNISING BOUNDLESSNESS. And the question which pops out most for me is DO YOU REINVENT YOURSELF ON A DAILY BASIS? I feel this might be significant for her. She might like to write it on the mirror so that she sees it every morning - the words I AM REINVENTING MYSELF EVERY DAY. Please convey my best wishes to her.

Are you leading the sort of life you want to lead?
How many of your ‘deadlines’ are self-imposed?
How often do you reflect upon your own behaviour? Is it possible to change it?
Is your ‘character’ a fixed entity or simply a collection of strategies developed to fill a certain need or to reach a certain goal?
Do you reinvent yourself on a daily basis?
Suppose you said the following affirmation daily: “I have no limitations, only ever-increasing potential”?
What if ‘tiredness’ is something which dominates the lives of people without dreams?
How are you creating your own problems by acting on the need to impress or gain attention?
How does the memory of negative experiences affect your behaviour today?
What if everyone re-examined their behaviour regularly in view of their own needs and also in view of spreading peace and unity worldwide and protecting the resources of our planet?


Christmas is about remembering the one who demonstrated Christ consciousness. path, who was in constant communion with his divine inner fragment, who was constantly searching for ways to correct deviant behaviour, and who acted as a role model for all of us. May his influence prevail so that our behavior reflects his, and so that we can create peace on earth.

Christmas greetings and love, COLOUR CRUSADER

 Quoting: Colour Crusader

That's a wonderful and inspiring thing to read OP :) Same to you :)


OP I have friend who has a problem with anti depressants. She has been taking them for 10 years now but feels that they are not really 'working' but she finds it very difficult to cease using them and has tried many times but to no avail. She tells me that when she cuts down her dose she gets very angry and she also feels that she can't 'cope'. She also told me that she hates a lot of things, so yeah the pills are not working. On the surface she seems fine and happy but I suspect there's been some deep trauma in her life that she's not addressing but that's just my hunch. I told her about this thread and the number she chose is 42. Any help/advice would be much appreciated.
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 Quoting: Colour Crusader

Thank you OP. Your intuition is remarkable, it's as if you know her. She's a fashion designer working 2 jobs and taking on the Marathon Des Sables in April. I'm sure your reply will be very valuable to her. I've passed this on with your good wishes. Thanks once again for your guidance.
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