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Hello dear AC 78283255, and thank you for sharing. First of all, congratulations on recognizing what part of the problem may be. This can only be achieved by self-reflection, and observing oneself "from afar", and this is a highly valued trait. The quality you have chosen is FLEXIBILITY, as in not necessarily lowing standards but in holding back a bit and waiting to see what happens next. If you give someone your full unquestioning trust, you are not giving them a chance to prove themselves in your eyes. You are not letting them return the favor if you are always on the "giving" end. Sometimes also it is necessary to hold back in order for other to have a necessary "learning experience". Perhaps the following questions will help you further:

Could it be that saying nothing is a sign that you do not believe in yourself?
Is it time to reassess your priorities and clarify your purpose?
How do you make life complicated for yourself?
In what areas could you become more flexible or communicative?
Could you be missing your opportunities because youunderestimate your own self worth?
How much importance do you attach to honesty in your relationships with others?
Which of your beliefs or customs are preventing your growth?
Supposing that your beliefs are purely a construction of your own mind, and that experiences and can be changed at a moment's notice?
What if there were no rules, only ebb and flow?
What will change when you are convinced of your own worth?
How will the world change if everyone regularly reassesses the “rules” they live by?

All my life, I have always felt as a victim. This comes from my experience of people takung advantage of me at work and private. I have been cheated several times by trusted associates and I keep falling prey to the same mistakes. Like if someone says they are in financial difficulty, I do always help out even though they never pay back. I am an example of being nice to a fault. I see 69 on the mountain top.
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