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Message Subject Breaking: Trump Responds to at least 10 women and children with Utah ties killed, Cartel Style, in Mexico
Poster Handle Penny Peppers
Post Content

They are dual citizens
 Quoting: ~kpm~

And your point is?

I'm Hispanic and you'll never see my kids, wife and I anywhere near that Shit hole country.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 51031768

Actually Mexico is beautiful. We have subhumans making shitholes in all countries.
Please tell me one country without a corrupted government.
 Quoting: Spritzer

That's not the point. No one saying it's not a beautiful country. It's RUN BY THE DRUG CARTELS and they are some of the most vicious criminals on earth and we should be eliminating all of them. Just drop a few bombs on the fuckers. We know where they are. Mexico will never be free until we join with them to get rid of the cartels.
 Quoting: Blue State Rebel

I think the cartels are a bigger issue than isis
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