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Message Subject Breaking: Trump Responds to at least 10 women and children with Utah ties killed, Cartel Style, in Mexico
Poster Handle Formerly White Gloves
Post Content
US will do nothing. Too much to lose and it's so not politically correct.
 Quoting: Blue Tree 78140483

WHY should the U.S.A. do anything???

These fools made a CHOICE to live in Mexico as dual citizens. My family should NOT spill blood for fools.

It would be a different story if these were tourists on vacation believing our State Department that Mexico is a safe haven...which it is not.

 Quoting: Formerly White Gloves 75913915

If you think the drug cartels of Mexico are not influencing life in our country, you are hopelessly naive.

And i would be careful calling slaughtered American children “fools”.
 Quoting: Seagull Lake

There is zero in my comment stating "drug cartels are not influencing life" in America. You are hopelessly stupid because your brain synapsis are not firing and allowing abstract thinking.

You are a moran: these people are NOT Americans...they are living in Mexico, born and bred. Your type is quick to claim Americans should get in a fire-fight for imbeciles who MADE A CHOICE TO LIVE OUTSIDE AMERICAN BORDERS. Even worse, knowingly traversing cartel jungles.

Stupid is as stupid does.


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