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Message Subject Breaking: Trump Responds to at least 10 women and children with Utah ties killed, Cartel Style, in Mexico
Poster Handle Golfcart
Post Content
I think these idiot Mexicans finally just fucked themselves. With this one atrocious act, you've not only vindicated what Trump has said about you, but you've also vindicated any Military action that may come of it. You know that once we get going Militarily, it doesn't stop for a long long time. It's that serious what you've just done.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78140916

I Am picturing a million heavily armed men in white shirts and black ties marching south to find the missing. Trump needs to do something quickly or Mormans are coming to clean house.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 49557904

rockon Love it! They're no soyboys that's for sure
 Quoting: Penny Peppers

Seriously an odd comment. Mormon men ARE soyboys.
Real men would NEVER have wives and little children and babies galavant about a ghetto...or Detroit...or Mexico.

Wake up peeps. Stupid is as stupid does.

Play with fire and you get burnt. (A first life lesson for those with a brain to think for themselves.)
 Quoting: Formerly White Gloves 75913915

Dude.. maybe you haven’t met enough Mormon men, they’ll stomp your ass, how are the men supposed to be at work if they are with the wife and kids 24/7?
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