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I honestly think this would be the best thing for our country. While the loss of life would be high on both sides, think of all the potential lives saved in the millions due to the drugs that come flowing into America, that not only kill, but completely destroy entire families. Which is worse if you ask me as the people who die from overdoses don't have to live through a life of hell, like the families of those effected. I would be willing to sacrifice 25k American lives, if it meant saving millions.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78001200

Think of all the Mexicans who are HERE. How quiet do you think they'll remain if we attack Mexico?
 Quoting: ~Jazz~

Good question....

Probably as quiet as they have all this time while their own have killed each other over drugs, trafficking, corruption, territory, etc.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 70952811

When you have a News Media Organization like the ones we have here in the US, its no different than the state run propaganda from Soviet Russia, or Communist China. Being bombarded with pro-left hit pieces on a daily basis, as well as being lied to about the nature of our President, on top of the entertainment industry and its complicit rewriting of natural traditions. Having all of these outlets all focused on a singular goal, and that is the decay of Western Civilization, the deviation of sexual norms, and the destruction of the Heterosexual White family that made it possible for other cultures to share in the American dream. When we realize it is a nefarious and evil entity vying for the control the liberal left, then it wouldn't be too difficult to imagine so many people rising up against a sitting President and his supporting base, simply because the television told them to, and gave them false reasons for doing so.
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