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I honestly think this would be the best thing for our country. While the loss of life would be high on both sides, think of all the potential lives saved in the millions due to the drugs that come flowing into America, that not only kill, but completely destroy entire families. Which is worse if you ask me as the people who die from overdoses don't have to live through a life of hell, like the families of those effected. I would be willing to sacrifice 25k American lives, if it meant saving millions.
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If Mexico wasn't so fucked up, the Mexican's in the USA would return home. They don't want to be here, they love their country and culture.
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Even without the cartel violence, wouldn't there be a lot of poverty? The upper class/caste has been in charge of Mexico for centuries and never distributed the wealth. They make little improvement to their nation and create few opportunities. They make it very hard/next to impossible for the poor to rise out of poverty. They made it hard for their farmers. They treat the totally Indigenous like [email protected] They have been using the US as a place for their poorer Mestizos to come and work- and bring back money to Mexico- for 50 years. All this before the cartels became so atrocious.
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