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Ya know....if this had happened under Tom Jefferson, or Andrew Jackson, or Teddy Roosevelt, or Eisenhower.....large parts of Mexico would be burning right now and the many Cartel members would soon be dead. We don't seem to have the right instincts any more. This is a FAILED STATE on our Southern border and we are more active militarily in countries a half world away that have nothing to do with us.

We should be seeking REVENGE on these cartels for for killing AMERICAN WOMEN AND CHILDREN.

It is always better to be FEARED than LOVED. We have to keep relearning this apparently. Donald has to learn this.
 Quoting: Blue State Rebel

The answer to today's tragedy lies in Salt Lake City (as the PR firms working hard in these threads well know).

The family is on Mexican TV right now saying "Oh golly gee, I wonder who would kill children."
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