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Message Subject White youngster robbed by GANG OF BLACKS in Kansas City
Poster Handle Seagull Lake
Post Content
Damage their brains with vaccines (Watch VAXXED)

Raise them in violent neighborhoods, in fatherless homes, with no healthy role models.

Make sure there are no expectations that they learn to read (right now, a majority of young black men are functionally illiterate)

Poison their minds with drugs.

Poison their souls with misogyny, greed, and perversity through hip-hop.

Have a religion free, morality free popular culture, where stealing is celebrated.

Tell them they have no responsibility, no accountability,


tell them its the cops, yeah, the cops are at war with them.
tell them its the white man, yep, this country has systemic racism.
tell them the whole country was founded on slavery.

I am fuming.

This is tragic,

I see young men whose lives are wasted, and no one will tell them the way, show them the skills to better themselves, and thereby our country.
 Quoting: Seagull Lake

It's a preferred life style and always has been since they moved up north for life long welfare .

Don't make excuses for them . They love this life style of black market cash and welfare / free medical at the crib . They also HATE white people from about 3 years old . They are taught to hate in their churches and homes .

It's time for major blow back ! Down South in E/NC it's not that bad . The cops do not tolerate this shit and the gun owners will ventilate you on the spot .

Up North they charge you for defending yourself .
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77514991

I think you missed my point.

I am not excusing this behavior, I am angry about how we dont really try to solve it.

As far as these kids go? They can sit in jail for their whole life, they certainly will never be any good for anything on the outside.

I would ventilate anyone who tried to harm me and mine, or take my property.
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