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Message Subject White youngster robbed by GANG OF BLACKS in Kansas City
Poster Handle Seagull Lake
Post Content
People with low IQ's often have trouble with long-term thinking. They often cannot forsee future consequences for engaging in criminal behavior in the present.

This probably explains why the half-retarded idiots in the video were showing themselves on camera while commiting felony offences.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 40169223

Blacks. Also I noticed about that race... Last night I watched a college football highlight on you tube. When a black scores a touchdown they seem to all do the same thing. I call it "The Ape Dance" now, because it's so common. They sway back and forth on one leg and then the other leg. While doing this they pound their chest. If you watch any black score a touchdown most will do this ape dance. It's so similar to watching videos of monkey's at the zoo when they fight for dominance. The chest pounding is Gorilla dominance. I know this behavior has been going on for a long time ... but last night, for some reason... I really noticed it and how different it is from white behavior. There's a lesson here... somewhere.
 Quoting: Joe in JT 75049243

Liberals love science, until it is inconvenient to them.

It is obvious there are behavioral, as well as cosmetic, differences between races.

We all know it.

And now, with studies showing humans other than subsaharan Africans carry Neandrathal and Denisovan DNA , science has proved it.

There is an archaic african hominid that the “original” homo sapiens bred with, that is proabably already discovered and being hidden.
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