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Message Subject White youngster robbed by GANG OF BLACKS in Kansas City
Poster Handle TwoStep
Post Content
Notice that blacks always like to gang up on one person much weaker than them and talk a bunch of shit. Can't back it up in a fair fight and no, they aren't not any tougher than any other group of people, just more bellicose.

They are almost always the the ones starting shit, I know there is bad people in every race but I'll be damned if they arent starting most of it per capita.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78038853

They definitely are starting more of it per capita. In the US, they are ~13% of the population, and yet they dish out ~50% of violent crime. They are a breed of violent people with average IQs in the 70s, and we would all be better off without them.
 Quoting: WalrusRider

It's like we are living in Africa with the wild animals and savages.
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