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Message Subject I havent been sober a day in the last 3 years
Poster Handle Reilly
Post Content
It's not good. Not at all.

You are ruining your mind and your health and your life.
 Quoting: Reilly 76248101

Anyone who drinks for a long enough period eventually regrets it.
 Quoting: Reilly 76248101

I said sober not just drinking.... weed drink and whippets plus the occasional aderral or what not

Honestly I forgot what sober was
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77841464

You need to find God :)


In God lies the answer... <3

Thread: You can prove the existence of God right now...
 Quoting: Reilly 76248101

This is were the issue lies for me, I have found god I have seen nearly every prayer answered I've prayed and then more in my life yet I remain miserable. And wanting escape from my reality.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77841464

You need to devote yourself completely to God.

Realize that the only reason why we are here to to live for God.

And that God is everything and everyone.

God is the spirit of all things.

Me, you, and everyone, and everything.

It's perfect. It's glorious.

See the true meaning of life... which is to live for God.

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