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Message Subject I havent been sober a day in the last 3 years
Poster Handle Reilly
Post Content

This is were the issue lies for me, I have found god I have seen nearly every prayer answered I've prayed and then more in my life yet I remain miserable. And wanting escape from my reality.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77841464

You need to devote yourself completely to God.

Realize that the only reason why we are here to to live for God.

And that God is everything and everyone.

God is the spirit of all things.

Me, you, and everyone, and everything.

It's perfect. It's glorious.

See the true meaning of life... which is to live for God.

 Quoting: Reilly 76248101

I'm really serious about this.

Do what I say here with full force and total commitment and enthusiasm.

Take that on full-on.

It's the truth.

Make EVERY action you make.... for the benefit of God.

 Quoting: Reilly 76248101

When you said the meaning of life is to live for god it hit me in my chest, but that leads me to the question of how to get right and do that once more. Praying and doing do t line up for me here.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77841464

It's really just simply about knowing what and who God is.

Thread: You guys want to know God?

What I do is remind myself of what I wrote in that thread^ whenever I feel like I' am losing my sense of direction.

It's works every time.


It really does.

I fucking swear by it.

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