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Message Subject THE MANDELA EFFECT Official Trailer (2019)
Poster Handle hankie
Post Content
This film will wake up the sleepers
[link to thirdeyepinecones.com] :
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 75328508

For sure that a pine cone, why is a pine cone on this ancient symbols. There is the pine cone nut, do people eat it? Of course it could be some other shape from some other plant that looks like a pine cone. I not a pine apple it shaped, different. I do know from every bit I research this was a drug of some sort, they used it to protect themselves, the armies etc.. how had hard jobs and needed relief got this to stop their pain.

So, whatever it was, it medical in nature, there were medical formulas on found clay tablet, guess what, they destroyed these tablets, why? These same people had already started to move into other countries. Look at all the people round and about Babylon, this is where the ones who were out side countries that worked with Babylon. Even the stature should have explain a simple thing to people, instead they look to mythical translations. Some are found in South America amazing this is not talked about, it medical instruments, tools made of stone, there is the same group as in Babylon shown in pictures and different material found down in South America. There is even some that show the formation of birth from sperm egg up to the months of gestation, and instrument that helps in delivery of a baby. There is much more every where you look in historical finds.

That cone what metal is also where the plant part is collected, simple as looking at the different picture and the holder of the collected parts. Don't over see what not there, nothing is really something spaced out, it masks and hidden people behind the mask, they even had fake wings, that way they used ceremonies. This an advanced group of people who came before the flood and after. Who these are, I have not found totally, they were not Babylonian, link yes, Babylonian no. There is a good trail if you want to check out what I am saying. You know those building are before the flood, understand some of the stories and even Gilgamesh story which there are more than one or two of the same story, not just one. Hunting for the fountain of youth, getting it and losing it, the snake shed it skin, got that part simple, straight forward not mythical if you know they used to called themselves gods and goddess before and after the flood. They were people as in leader, the top dogs if you will who called themselves gods and goddess, the other is the one who told them where to find the flower, why the flower, it youth or something else. It a matter of putting man now as then, just a few brain steps, the past is not that much different. We have people today who think they are above others, and medical researcher who hide their doings, not good doings either.

I have not seen these to as the ones today, only doing helpful thing and the drug to kill pain for protection. Maybe this started the drug war since which could be, there is nothing new under the sun.
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