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Message Subject THE MANDELA EFFECT Official Trailer (2019)
Poster Handle TheOracle'sCookie
Post Content
Hey..I know this is going to sound FANTASTIC...but I
was just thinking again about having found this OLDER
THEORY (from Scott Lund) that there were constellations
in DaVinci's paintings--it is dated 2011.

Here is a post when I was "SilentlyKnowing" back in 2012
and was commenting on a YouTube video. We would eventually
connect this to DaVinci's painting--but that thread has
been deleted. It is dated 2012.
Thread: MUST SEE! - Celestial Nile In Orion Matches Nile Delta In Egypt

Is it possible that MY THEORY (see image below)
was the first one with discovering there were constellations
in The Last Supper painting...and the Lund theory is


I mean, I KNOW that before I ever go deeper into a theory
I do a THOROUGH SEARCH on the internet for any related
material. All you have to do is google the 2 words:
"DaVinci" and "constellations" and the Scott Lund material
comes right up...(nothing of mine comes up, of course.)

There is NO WAY that this information would have been
available to search in 2011 and 2012 when I was making
my own threads and theories on this idea--because it is
JUST TOO EASY TO FIND IT. It isn't that difficult of a search
for my having to TOTALLY MISSED his material when I was
doing my own.



I knew we had a GLP'er that works in Hollywood
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77849624

No, "hunters for movie topics" come to GLP.

To quote the poster above==and here is proof:

But to make you feel better, there’s usually 2 of the same thing that come out around the same time - think Deep Impact and Armageddon - Sixth Sense and Stir of Echos - American Me and Blood in Blood Out.....

I had someone lift my research on DaVinci--that there
are space weather clues and constellations hidden in
some of Davinci's paintings. A guy named Scott Lund
came out with a theory called "The Mona Lisa Code"
superimposing stuff I had found in The Last Supper Painting
as HIS OWN research. (I'm glad that its out in the public...
but wish he could have given GLP a hat-tip for giving him
the material!)

Here is a smilie from LUND's stuff (not Mandela Effect
but shows our threads are being noticed by other writers.)
He even uses the SAME 3 constellations I originally reported.
Nobody called HIM crazy, but I sure took heat for mine! lol!

Scott Lund's image

My smilie from 2012 or earlier
(same constellations Scorpio, Ophiuchus
and Sagittarius--center of Milky Way Dark Rift)

 Quoting: TheOracle'sCookie
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