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Message Subject The British monarchy is going down
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
did you just try and up scale yourself up by claiming you have horses


hahahahaha is that a british class thing where you better than everyone else because you have a horse.

listen you fuck wit pompus english shit heards,

your a bunch of weak inbread usless fucks, who tried to rule the world and FAILED, your country is full of muslims and 3rd worlders taking over because you are WEAK! in body and mind.

You allow your kids to be taught at school by gays and pedos, you have had 3 priministers all promising you BREXIT and nothing has changed

get of you HIGH HORSE and eat shit! If it was not for US you shit heads would be eating german dick.

You have no space program, your fucking usless and a waste of good air.

Stay the fuck out of every country, because you make a mess where ever you go, stop breading and let god finish you off with muslims.
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