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Message Subject My ears are ringing like crazy right now
Poster Handle ALL IS ONE IS ALL
Post Content
Ok yesterday I thought I heard the Wave coming in... that is the cause of ear ringing. I have long covered the WAVE HERE and I was the first on the internet to do so years ago.

[link to thecreatorwritings.wordpress.com (secure)]

Dear one, here we go again! Take some time to rest, recharge your batteries and indulge in self-care because this next wave may challenge your long-held beliefs about who you are and what you believe your life to be. Each incoming wave from now on will bring changes you may not be fully prepared for. This will be an excellent time to practice your flexibility and ability to see things from an infinite perspective. Listen to your heart and soul, do your best to release any remaining self-doubt/second-guessing and know your wisdom and knowledge will increase expodentially! ~ Creator
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