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Message Subject Whistleblower’s Lawyer Sends Letter to White House Demanding President Trump “Cease and Desist” Attacking His Client
Poster Handle An Average American Patriot
Post Content
These people are truly delusional.

And, they have millions of devout followers who act out emotionally when their "teammates" are threatened with exposing the truth.

Don jr. on the view yesterday is a perfect example of how insane these people are.

People need to understand how deep the sickness of the left is.

They actually believe THEY are right.

It's extremely dangerous.
 Quoting: An Average American Patriot

I believe the spell is breaking a little. I'm seeing more and more people willing to express support for the President lately.

Of course the media never will but we all know they are completely compromised and the root of the problem.

Anyone that is interested might consider hitting them knees and praying for justice and the health and safety of our President and our nation as a whole. Even if you don't believe it can't hurt to try.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77377965


Honestly, a lesser person would have broken by now. The President manages to continue the fight and seemingly become stronger.
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