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Message Subject In the 70s we had DISCIPLINE in schools. What happened?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
tell us another story about the olden days grandpa
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 33132117

Hehe...ok punk, this is 'grandma' here to relate a true story of one teacher in my public high school.

Anyone who's an old Broughton High School (Raleigh, NC) alumni will either know firsthand or via historic legend about our old German language teacher, Herr Watt.

The man was always dressed in an impeccable suit and tie. If he had a student fall asleep at their desk, Herr Watt would walk over, grab the desk and flip the offending student onto the floor.

On test days or exam week, if you came to class dressed in your Sunday best, then you would receive extra credit put towards your test score.

And woe be to the pair of students who decided to throw hands-n-feet in the hallway or outside if Herr Watt was in sight. Just the sight of him stalking over towards fight to intervene made stupid kids stop and run.

Oh, what fond memories growing up in public school <sigh>.

All of that was thrown out the door and shit has gone sideways so quickly.
 Quoting: Deplorable Zenobia

Throwing an underaged person onto the floor just for sleeping is physical assault obviously, sleeping in class is obviously a bad thing to do and is something no one should do on purpose obviously but sleeping in class in not being physically violent or threatening or emotionally harming so therefor you do NOT solve non harmful stuff with violence obviously.

If you think that throwing students onto the floor for non harmful but still wrong sleeping in class is ok or a good thing to do then you are a very twisted very bad person because there are obviously much better non abusive ways to deal with students sleeping in class, like giving them an in school suspension during lunch in they keep sleeping in class on purpose after giving them some warnings not to do it, no teacher is going just let their students sleep in class for longer then very short periods if they are a good teacher.

If you think fine for a teacher to physically assault a person by throwing a student onto the floor for sleeping once in class then you are a huge punk yourself and that would make you a huge hypocrite and just a vile disgusting worthless stupid crap stain, and it sure appears that you think its just fine for nasty rotten crap stain asshole teachers to physically abuse students by throwing them on the floor instead of taking non abusive measures to successfully completely stop students from sleeping in class.

If I knew of a teacher who threw a student on the floor for sleeping instead of giving them a warning telling them that if they keep sleeping in class they will get a detention or more then one detention if they keep sleeping in class then I will call the police on that teacher and press charges against them for physical assault you VERY retarded nasty rotten asshole crap stain, you're putridly gross and that's just VERY extremely embarrassing, yes that's right I know that about you ROFL.

I honestly don't care what bs you have to say back to me because I know my interests are for the greater good of everything good and my statements are true no matter what other people say :)
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77799900

See what the Communists have done to this poor person. They weaken the youth until they are such snowflakes they are offended by everything. Probably thinks spankings are assault and CPS should come and take people's kids away who use discipline.

Weak men who can't fight, who certainly couldn't go to war. you have to be willing to shoot children in the face in war. Not bitch and complain about tossing someone out of a desk you should be training how to be a man.
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