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Message Subject In the 70s we had DISCIPLINE in schools. What happened?
Poster Handle My Fear
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What ever happened to child labor. Life was better back then.

Life was not better under child labor. It was brutal as many children died working their young lives away and dropped dead early, just for a meal.

True at the same time. It use to be legal for children to drop out at 16 years old. They could work late too and many even had jobs at age 13 years old. Drop out rates were high, but even people without a HS diploma could make a fair living and raise a family. Drugs were not as prevalent back then either and there was less uncontrolled immigration, further driving down low wage income-earning jobs.

There is too much emphasis that everyone needs to go to college. As well as not enough emphasis on vocational skills that most people once possessed and was and is looked down up onto this day.

Before the 1960s though most professions were respected no matter how low paying they were. Now they are not, thanks to the lefties/ communist in the media telling people what their worth is in society.
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