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Message Subject In the 70s we had DISCIPLINE in schools. What happened?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
A lot of those very strict teachers just want to hurt students and many kinds of people just to hurt them for the sake of hurting them because they get enjoyment and pleasure out of inflicting pain for the sake of causing pain and not because they feel those people deserve it as their #1 reason to hurtfully punish people, especially if they punish a person for doing something they had a right to do because they were doing it to a rotten asshole like the overly strict rude worthless waste of space teacher.

People who want to hurt other people just for the sake of hurting them and not because they deserve it as their #1 reason to hurt other people are VERY bad people obvious and they are very huge sons of bitches with the guys and bitches with the girls, they really are worthless waste of space piles of sh!t, period.

Well because there are A LOT of ACTUAL good people in existence, those VERY bad stupid assholes better watch themselves LOL.

I don't care what anyone says in response to my comments, me and any ACTUAL normal person knows that all of my comments are 100% true.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77799900

Did a teacher hurt you in school?

What I witnessed in the 70s were teachers and the principal taking a wooden paddle to the boys and sometimes right there in the classroom. I never thought there was a good enough reason for that humiliation and pain. In one instant, the boys came in from recess and had muddy jeans from playing football. The teacher got out the wooden paddle. The boys had to bend over and touch their ankles while being whacked on the backside. I didn't agree with it then, and I don't now.

I know there needs to be a solution to problem students and that is, if they choose not to learn or be disruptive and violent, kick them out! It's as simple as that, but the state requires every child attend school no matter what.

Also, the public school system has some serious flaws. There is no room for creative thinking. There is a set curriculum that students have to adhere to. It's like graduating mindless clones every year and another generation begins the work cycle.
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