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Message Subject In the 70s we had DISCIPLINE in schools. What happened?
Poster Handle Bluebird1
Post Content
It was almost military-like. Standing up when a superior (teacher) walkedä in. Greetings (e.g. "Good morning, teacher!") were mandatory and the entire class would say it in unison. You always asked for a permission to speak. You did not leave the class until you were dismissed by the teacher.

You were punished if you forgot books or hadn't done your homework. Your mouth was washed with soap (really) if you cursed.

Back then nobody had ADHD or exhibited chronic bad behavior.

Most important of all, the parents didn't make excuses for their kids or tried to get special rules for their "special kid". Everybody was treated the same.

If you got good grades or the teacher commended you, you KNEW you had done a good job. No participation trophies back then.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78120150

It doesn't matter in the scope of things. Once you learn that our ENTIRE SCHOOL SYSTEM is nothing but INDOCTRINATION inclusive of EVERYTHING ELSE, then you have a better pic of the entire "slave" system.

But an answer to your question should be directed at the amount of toxic vaccines, the total acceptance of ADHD pharmaceutical drugs that schools got paid $500 per person from the pharmaceuticals to push on kids. The parents bought into it. Hey, fill a kid with toxic shit and what do you expect?

There is an effect that can be taken back to the cause. Back in the 70's and earlier I think they shoved 3 vaccines on kids. Now days they want everyone injected with multiple toxic shit and have made up pharmaceutical named "issues" such as ADHD to convince people that kids have it. It is basically a form of mind-control which is nothing new in our world. The controllers thrive on mind-controlling everyone including pumping poison into them. Even Flouride is a big fat lie. It has zero to do with teeth and all to do with toxins for everyone.
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