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Message Subject BREAKING - IRAN just shot a US DRONE -
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Apparently it wasn’t our drone, heh

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 Quoting: zulu 5280955


I always read the last page and most recent quotes on any sensational thread at GLP as it ALWAYS gives the biggest laughs.

That is, after reading it and then going back to pages 1 and 2 to see who the biggest, fear mongering, blood thirsty cunts are at GLP. It never disappoints.

I'd give you a penny's worth of my own thoughts, except, you wouldn't be happy, even when I gave you a bargain of two cents worth for the same price, lol!

In fact, those who run and monitor this site wouldn't appreciate the sentiment AT ALL, but then, intent is EVERYTHING and the disclaimer/terms of service CLEARLY states the TRUTH about this site so... with that...

"May much peace and many blessings, find the people of Iran. May those are wrong to harm you find their own God, people and weapons turned upon them, as well as the wicked thoughts of such men. Go in peace and let us next meet so that we may hug, laugh, dance, eat, drink and celebrate the blessings which life has given us both since we last parted. May God continue to guide your heart through the darkness made in the minds of lesser men... for God knows no such darkness and has given us the Moon on many nights to light the path... and none when he gifts us those nights to fully rest instead. Peace and Selah."
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78143035

Jak..cough..cough, Jake..cough
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