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Message Subject Trump has early signs of Parkinsons
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
There are different forms of Parkinsons.

That said, if you watch Trump walk his gait is not even, a sign of vascular dementia.

I'm dealing with both Parkinson's and vascular dementia in my world right now.
The signs are alarming when watching Trump in action.

His failure to read or comprehend complex documents, mispronunciation of words, his gait, it all points to some form of brain degeneration.

If it can't be blamed on a disease that makes him even scarier.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 74403260


Not Parkinson's thou.

The gait is a very, *very* marked lumbar lordosis.
Seems like a broken back from prolonged and extreme pressing of the manipura; he does it as a little known "trick" to force the lower chakras and impose the willpower unto others. It is done with combinations of mudras & bandhas. To those that know this stuff it is evident he has been trained in occult arts, by probably a white tantric and he treasoned toward the darkside

Cognitive impairment is evident also, more so watching old videos of him. That has probably more to do with the adderall and propecia and/or prions from the secret's meeting's pizza.

The meth and testosterone, gives you a short enhanced energy output and mental speed, in exchange with the fact that it fries your neurons and myelin sheath.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78147144

Dealing with dementia in my world now. The person started with an uneven gait, becoming more pronounced as time went on until along with speech and memory issues led to a catscan of the brain and resulting in a diagnosis of vascular dementia with a side of Parkinsons.

Good articles linking gait issues with vascular dementia are available online. Many medical journals address the issue.

[link to www.karger.com (secure)]
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