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Message Subject Trump has early signs of Parkinsons
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The wide, uncontrolled, involuntary movements of Parkinson's disease don't happen overnight. ... A stooped posture that can also be described as leaning and slouching is an early indicator of PD. This posture has to do with the loss of coordination and balance affecting the body.


There is a running joke circulating on social media currently about Trumps leaning forward being an indicator of his Narcissism.

Their point is that Trump is thrusting his chest forward to intimidate others. Part of trying to present as taller.

[link to medium.com (secure)]

(Body Language Analysis №4382: Why is Donald Trump Leaning Forward?)
 Quoting: BilloutWest

OP, from Oregon.

Explains this post, you fat fuck Pacific NW cock suckers think you were put on earth to make the world safe for globalism and LGQT rights.

Eat shit and die of cancer, you commie bitch.
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