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Message Subject Venezuelan Death Squads Have Killed An Estimated 831 People, Many Who Dared To Protest The Regime
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
And the free world will just stand by and let this happen? Shouldn’t be that hard to get together a military coalition to depose that commie dicktator Maduro from power. Nobody even recognizes him as the legitimate president anymore. Time to end the suffering in Venezuela.
 Quoting: Goblin Slayer

Every time Trump tries the left wing nut jobs castrate him
 Quoting: Jake

What would he do, install isis or al queda? That’s all then USA does is install terrorist so the resources get extracted and the profit goes to the multinational companies .
So tell me exactly what you want trump to do in Venezuela ?
Lifting all sanctions would be the best thing he could do for that country that the deep state wants to take down
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78142701

Sanctions are a way to put pressure on Maduro you conspiracist dummy. The country was falling into chaos long before any sanctions.
 Quoting: Goblin Slayer

Nope sanctions are fool used to strangle a nation until they beg the sanctioning county for help . Then that country steals everything they have
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