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Message Subject Pile of Schiff Narrowed the Scope of GOP Questions
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
If you are running for president then you cannot be investigated by anything. What is Schiff doing here ? He can't investigate the Prez until after the 2020 election when he will have "more flexibility"
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 76774152

I've not heard that. Do you have a federal code to cite?

It'd be another thing to pile on to the message though I think about half the country is too blind and zoned out to care what the law, the Constitution, or anything else says.
 Quoting: derelekt1

The entire thing is a sham.

NEVER in the history of the nation has the INTELLIGENCE committee of congress run an impeachment inquiry.

There is NO formal vote on impeachment thus there is NO impeachment...only a vote to continue the illegal inquiry.

Congress does not have "investigative authority" to do what they're doing, period.

They have ripped up the Constitution and are making up their own rules.

They're investigating for "obstruction of Congress."

That isn't a thing.
 Quoting: An Average American Patriot

So why hasn't Trump just given them the finger?
 Quoting: HEBGB

bro...Trump has totally given them the finger. Tells them they are full of shit, and refuses to even cooperate in the sham investigation or any demands congress makes concerning said inquiry. Even if impeachment process was done legally, and the house impeached, the senate would shit on it, and never convict or remove Trump over obvious political posturing. Trump told them to fuck off, and he is still our president....hmmm. How dare he attempt to end Bidens REAL corruption when Bidens trying to run for pres eh? But going after Trump was fiiine. yeah. bs is over.
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