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Message Subject Eric Holder Considers Jumping into 2020 Presidential Primary
Poster Handle Epic Beard Guy
Post Content
Anyone else sick and tired of the Demoncrap shit show?

Not only do we need term limits, we need campaign limits

I’m starting to think this was all a ploy, run out the most crazy candidates for a year then switch it up
 Quoting: ~kpm~

No question. Now Bloomberg, Hillary, et al will look sane in comparison (they are still way Left.) The other group is completely unelectable.
 Quoting: LoneStarRising

Ya, this is really looking like their plan

Pelosi coming out saying she’s not for Medicare for all

TV hosts questioning how we will pay for all this

Now they will parade out


Mike Obama

Bloomberg, who doesn’t have a chance in hell
 Quoting: ~kpm~

I don't think they have a plan. They are getting desperate because they know they don't have a candidate that can beat President Trump. Right now, everyone in the failed party is scrambling to find a new candidate, with a chance. They are going to keep throwing everything at the wall, until something sticks. I think the DNC is pushing Hitlery to jump in because they think she might have a chance. They don't want to think about how she lost running against Trump's promises. Now she will have to run against his record. She will have to run against her own record, which could soon be a criminal record.


With room for the whole Obama cabinet!
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