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Message Subject Eric Holder Considers Jumping into 2020 Presidential Primary
Poster Handle ProfessorWhistleTitz
Post Content
 Quoting: Truth Reaper

I wonder if Covington & Burling LLP are getting a piece of his action?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 75540213

I wonder if Convington & Burling LLP is under investigation YET...

They’ve been involved in all kinds of quasi illegal shit, not to mention that they played a CRITICAL role in THE COORDINATED CONSPIRACY to screw Lieutenant General Michael Flynn by lying to him, purposely misrepresenting material facts in his case AND in his FARA application which was then used in an attempt to stack ADDITIONAL charges on an INNOCENT man.. An American hero!

Eric Holder can bet his pompous, entitled, self-righteous black ass on the reality that John Durham is keeping an extremely close eye on the treatment of American Hero Michael Flynn, and has already taken note of this “firm”’s illegal conduct, motives, and role in what is proving to be an ever growing massive conspiracy.

Mr. Flynn will have his day in court when charges will be dropped, and it will be nothing short of glorious!

But sure, have at it, Mr. Cool Obama’s wing man! Good fuckin luck! #TrumpCurse
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