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Message Subject Our Elites Don’t See What’s Coming
Poster Handle Master Of Righteousness
Post Content
If people saw what's coming they'd start starving these parasites out with extreme prejudice yesterday.

It's unfathomable how much trust most still have that the system will somehow miraculously fix itself.

Hindsight is always 20/20
 Quoting: SyncAsFunk

the first thing people need to stop doing is joining the military.

It has become more than Obvious that our military is not for protecting the USA but for protecting the Middle East
 Quoting: Jake

Yea sure, that's is no problem to your batshit crazies elites.

And you left out eugenics, again..

C10 Q72
In the year 1999, and seven
months from the sky will come the
great King of Terror. He will bring
back to life the great king of the
Before and after War
reigns happily.

B: He says the date is correct. During this time of war there are many, experiments being done and research into things that are normally too horrible to delve into during times of peace. He says the experiments have to do with eugenics.

This was an unknown word to me. I assumed it was something dealing with genetics. I asked him what it meant.

B: He says it is the breeding of people as you would breed animals to come up with special characteristics.
D: Is that his word or yours?
B: It's the word he used. He says it's a long-range type program that has been going on secretly for several decades or the majority of this century. During this war they decide to try out some of the products of this, to see what happens. One experiment they did was to try to breed back some of the earlier, less civilized, fiercer types of human beings, still smart but very cunning and strong. He says this is brought out in time of war and these unfortunate people are used in fighting to see how much better they do than ordinary soldiers. They're keeping tabulations on all of this. At this time in the world there will be wars going on all over and it will be times of great unrest. He says this 20th century is one of the most war-torn centuries there are.
D: I believe that. Who are the ones who are doing this experimentation?
B: (Pause) He can't see for sure. Apparently it's some sort of joint effort, particularly between the major powers. The major powers would have the money to put into a project like this. Actually, he said, who would have the gold to put into a project like this.
D: Does he think America is involved in this?
B: Yes he does. He thinks it's America, Russia, Japan, and some European countries.
D: We've never heard of anything like this.
B: He says it's a very secret project. It's done on a need-to-know basis.
D: Who does he mean by the King of Terror?
B: He says the person who is in overall charge of this project is so powerful he's able to affect and to influence policy decisions made in various countries. He's kind of like the power behind the throne and everyone is afraid of him. So he's the real king rather than the leaders. He says there's a possibility you may have heard his name in a different connection, but highly unlikely. This person is very secretive and nobody is aware of the power he wields.

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