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Message Subject Our Elites Don’t See What’s Coming
Poster Handle Jake
Post Content

the first thing people need to stop doing is joining the military.

It has become more than Obvious that our military is not for protecting the USA but for protecting the Middle East
 Quoting: Jake

The programming is potent.

Play a Lee Greenwood song and 95% of people who consider themselves 'patriots' will do whatever the MIC wants them to.

Pavlov keeps ringing the bell.
 Quoting: SyncAsFunk

I guess both sides need cannon fodder
 Quoting: Jake

Two sides of the same coin.

'Something' obviously really REALLY gets off on blood sacrifice on this rock.

It's trick is to make it seem 'voluntary'.
 Quoting: SyncAsFunk

When the same group of people control 99% of the media

its actually pretty easy.

At some point we will stand up to communism and we will win.
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