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Message Subject Our Elites Don’t See What’s Coming
Poster Handle Matrix
Post Content
The "elites" have managed to turn 3/4 of the world third world via big government leftism, its now the holdouts, 1/4 1st world righty limited government nations that are standing in their way of a global third world order and so are quickly being over run and their sovereignty/segregation is being undermined via political correctness and identity politics being taught in schools/universities, brainwashing the youth to hate their independent limited government ways in favor of big control socialism and communism, that third world diversity and multiculturalism is the best way to bring peace and safety to the world, but all it will do is bring the police state, because people will beg for tyranny when their life becomes too hard to keep up with the ever increasing costs of living and the only way will be to redistribute all wealth taking from the productive and the wealth creators and instead giving it all to the unproductive and debt creators which will in turn create more of the same(like produces like) and the pathway to global third world hell will be completed via the ideals of "good intentions"...5aburnit:vlwc:
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