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Message Subject Our Elites Don’t See What’s Coming
Poster Handle LilMiss
Post Content
the problem is they view all this as part of the game too

pushing to see how far they can go deliberately

and you hold on to this fantasty about Trump, you want the people to defend Trump, why ?

he doesn't defend himself bro, if that's all part of some plan then the people's ambivalance for his circle jerking is gonna have to be part of it too sorry man
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77512065

Well if Barr doesn't put people in jail we are in a civil war...
 Quoting: Jake

Civil war? Lol.... the brain dead lap up the crumbs from their slave masters and root them on.
The forefathers of this country must be turning in their graves at the cowards who love their puppet masters. We were warned that this country would be handed over to other countries while the people sit and do nothing.
That is exactly what is taking place and the cowards sit back and scream for more tax on them so they can feel secure!
MY gosh one who cant see this has to be in zombie land
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77978737

Seems to me they WANT us to be zombies. Why else would the zombie narrative be pushed for as long as it has?
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