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Message Subject Our Elites Don’t See What’s Coming
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I'm pretty sure they DO see what is coming.

While we are all here talking about what their problems would be all over the internet, they are reading it and and preparing accordingly. While we are all here talking about taking them down like badass keyboard warriors, they are reading it and preparing to slaughter us if we cause problems.
While we are all here exposing them and LARPING our asses off like we are actually accomplishing something, they are reading this and making full battle and takeover plans that we will never see coming. While we are all here saying things like "come and take my guns, I dare you!", they are reading it and preparing accordingly, such as adding the people that make the comments to a "list" to be raided at 2AM and disarmed instantly when they would never see it coming or have a chance to fight back.

It's kind of like that self proclaimed "Military wing of the democratic party (ANTIFA), a huge majority of us believe they are a bunch of dildo loving, rainbow sash wearing soyboys, and fail to realize that those are just the FACE of Antifa, their expendable cannon fodder, while the real opposition are the mask wearing former special ops mercenaries from other countries, and ISIS type fighers that have been hired to fulfill their agenda once it all pops off.

Here we are like civilized people trying to do things the right way, as they read everything we post and hear everything we say and plan accordingly to react to it.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure WE are the ones that won't see anything coming. After all, Obama warned us and said it himself, "You'll never see it coming", and yet....we all ignore it, thinking we are going to win.

It's past the point of no return, we won't be able to stop the takeover. The first few battles are already lost because we all relied on internet memes about soyboys for our intelligence gathering.

Better start making plans on fleeing and living off grid in the wilderness, or on how to retake the country (not stop the takeover), because the takeover is imminent and will happen at this point.
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